22. April 2020 - 13:02 Mark

Malaysia Airlines erlaubt unbegrenzt viele Umbuchungen

Malaysia Airlines verbessert die Umbuchungs-Regelungen. Kunden, die ihr Ticket vor dem 30.06.2020 erworben haben, können unbegrenzt viele Umbuchungen an ihrem Ticket vornehmen. Sowohl das Datum als auch die Strecke können ohne Gebühr geändert werden, allerdings kann eine Tarifdifferenz anfallen.

“We are enhancing our booking and travel flexibility to give you the freedom to make unlimited changes to your bookings at no extra charge.

All Malaysia Airlines customers with tickets booked on or before 30 June 2020 will be able to make unlimited changes to travel dates with change fees waived or have the flexibility to plan for a new destination (re-route from original destination) in which fare differences may apply.

With this, tickets purchased on or before 30 June 2020 will now be valid for travel completion by 30 June 2021. Requests for extension of travel date must be made by 31 December 2020.”

Quelle: Malaysia Airlines