10. Juni 2020 - 11:29 Mark

Finnair Plus verlängert Status um weitere 6 Monate

Finnair Plus hatte den Status ihrer Programmteilnehmer im März zunächst um 6 Monate verlängert. Nun informiert das Programm seine Teilnehmer über eine Verlängerung um weitere 6 Monate.

“In March this year we announced that we would be extending the tier tracking period for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Lumo members by six months from the originally scheduled renewal date. But because we know it’s still a challenge to plan travel then we’ve decided to extend the tier tracking period by a further six months to make the return to the skies as smooth as possible for you. From mid-August, we will start extending tracking periods and all extensions will be added by the end of September.

For Platinum and Platinum Lumo members, there will also be extended validity on your give-away Gold card and upgrade benefits. During this extension, tier upgrades based on flight activity will continue as normal. Please note that a new Finnair Plus plastic card will not be sent and you can simply continue using your existing membership number when booking.”

Zudem gab das Programm bekannt den Verfall von Prämienmeilen auszusetzen. Gesammelte Meilen bleiben bis mindestens 31.01.2021 gültig.

“I am personally delighted to announce an additional automatic extension of the award points expiry waiver for everyone. Award points that were due to expire this year have a new end date of January 31st, 2021, giving you extra time to enjoy using the Finnair Plus points that you’ve earned.”

Quelle: Finnair Newsletter | Mehr Infos: Coronavirus: Diese Vielfliegerprogramme bieten eine Statusverlängerung