21. August 2022 - 14:12 Mark

DHL Express und Singapore Airlines nehmen Boeing 777 Frachter in Empfang

DHL Express und Singapore Airlines haben einen neuen Boeing 777 Frachter in Empfang genommen. Der Frachter, welcher über eine DHL/Singapore Airlines Doppellackierung verfügt, kann bis zu 102 Tonnen befördern und soll ab sofort dreimal wöchentlich von Singapore Airlines über Südkorea in die USA fliegen.

“Our global DHL Express aviation network consists of a combination of owned and partner airlines, which allows us to respond to increasing customer demand with agility and flexibility. The new Boeing 777 freighter demonstrates our ongoing effort to strengthen our network and adjust flight routes, as well as lower our carbon emissions to achieve greener logistics. Singapore Airlines’ expertise in flight operations will enable us to better meet our customers’ needs in cross-border commerce, as we leverage the strategic location of our South Asia Hub in Singapore.” [Mr Robert Hyslop, Executive Vice President for Aviation, DHL Express]

“SIA’s longstanding partnership with DHL reinforces Singapore’s position as a key air cargo and e-commerce logistics hub, and highlights our firm commitment to our cargo business. Air cargo also plays a vital role in keeping global supply chains open. Apart from supporting the fast-growing e-commerce segment, this new freighter operation provides a foundation to expand the partnership between SIA and DHL in the future.” [Mr Lee Lik Hsin, Executive Vice President Commercial]

Quelle: Singapore Airlines | Bild: Link